Design & Online

At Design & Online we will be bringing you an online help guide to the world of Labels & Stickers; including the varying designs, printing methods and applications as well as what they can be used for.

There is a whole host of things labels and stickers can be used for, from the home to industrial or educational practises. Whether you’re labelling your home baked produce with simple printed stickers, or using them for your business logo, there really are hundreds of uses. Retail businesses can use them for ingredient lists, best before dates and barcodes which track the products history, including origin. There are also educational uses including Asset Labels which allows equipment such as computers and tablets to be tracked throughout the school and when equipment is loaned out to pupils.

On Design & Online we will also look are the vary designs shapes and sizes of labels available, what jobs they are best suited for and what other options are available for your business needs.